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NBA-China Controversy Is A Hypocrisy

This week...Matt discusses how the NBA's financial goals and moral brand got exposed in a geopolitical conflict with China.

The Fear of Having Kids

This week...Matt discusses his fear of having kids. After watching Greta Thurberg’s UN speech and watching a captivating Fatboy Slim mashup video, Matt questions the ramifications of climate change by weighing two issues children of the future will face.

NFL September Recap

This week…Matt highlights what he learned about the Top 8 Teams in the NFL. Are these "Elite" teams good enough to fend off "Sleeper" teams like the Seattle Seahawks, Philadelphia Eagles, and Cleveland Browns? Tune in to find out…

The Emmys Are Failing

This week...Matt rants about how bad the 2019 Emmy Awards show was. From the format to questionable winners, the show that celebrates the Golden Age of TV is failing. Tune in to find out why that’s a problem...

Is The Hype "Beyond Impossible"

This week...Matt covers the meatless movement by examining how products like Beyond Meat and Impossible Foods are changing the perspective on health and climate change. Are these plant-based “meat” products the future of food? Tune in to find out...

Antonio Brown Hijacked The NFL's 100th Season

This week...Matt reacts to the Antonio Brown saga full of drama. As one of the NFL’s Top Wide Receivers, Brown went from being called a mastermind when he signed with the New England Patriots to now an alleged rapist on the verge of potentially getting cut. Regardless of whether he is guilty or not, Brown’s drama officially overshadows football.

Guns Rule America

This week...Matt talks about America's mass shooting epidemic. Are video games and mental illness responsible for the continued violence? Tune in to find out...

A Tale of Two Lucks

This week...Matt puts his two cents on former Indianapolis Colts quarterback Andrew Luck and his surprising decision to retire. Sending shockwaves across the NFL, Luck’s retirement paints him as both a hero and a villain.

It's a Clueless World

This week...Matt puts his two cents on the hoax that got celebrities, politicians, and maybe even you sharing Instagram's Fake Privacy changes. If you were a victim, then you have the "clueless flu." Don't worry, there is a cure.

The Streaming Wars

This week...Matt puts his two cents on the streaming video-on-demand market. Next year, Netflix, Amazon Prime Video, and Hulu will have five new competitors. With an array of options, are consumers really benefiting from “cutting the cord?”

Football Is Back

This week...Matt details why he loves football while revealing why he likes Aaron Rodgers and the Green Bay Packers beating Baker Mayfield and the Cleveland Browns in Super Bowl LIV.

Upgrading Your Smartphone Is Not So Smart

This week...Matt puts his two cents on smartphones by revealing why buying the latest device is a bad investment. Just like cars, smartphones depreciate the moment you power them on. Are you really getting an improved device this year or should you wait a little bit longer?

Zion is a Billion-Dollar Bust in the Making

This week...Matt puts his two cents on NBA rookie Zion Williamson. Is Zion going to be the next LeBron James or the next biggest bust? Here's why brands like Jordan and teams like the New Orleans Pelicans should be worried about showing Zion the money.

The World Needs A Female James Bond

This week...Matt puts his two cents on the controversial casting news that Lashana Lynch will be the new 007 in the upcoming Bond 25 film. Is it time for the 55-year-old franchise to have a woman as it’s main lead? Here’s why Matt thinks it’s a great idea.

The NBA is Now America's Favorite Sport

This week…Matt puts his two cents on the new look NBA by revealing why Kawhi Leonard signing with the LA Clippers will put basketball ahead of football and baseball. The hype is real sports fans, the upcoming NBA season is going to be must-see TV.

Why Trump Will Get Reelected

This week...Matt gets patriotic and political putting his two cents on last weeks crazy Democratic Presidential Debates by revealing why the Democrats are already losing the race for 2020 and what they should be doing instead.

Why I Stopped Chasing Podcast Perfection

This week...Matt introduces his new podcast while putting his two cents on the word perfect by revealing his struggles with trying to build a perfect podcast. Yes, Matt tried and epically failed at podcasting four months ago, but he's back now with a new approach and a new mindset.

Is College Worth It?

Prologue...Matt started a podcast called The M2C Show. Debuting just one episode, Matt dove into whether college was still worth the high price of admission. Ranting about student loan debt and bloated college administrative bodies, Matt suggested that the paradigm of college needed to adapt.

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